Uniflow. The revolutionary innovation in thermodynamics.

What are we talking about? Droplet separation technology.
A development that raised the performance for NH3 by 200times and for CO2 600times ánd we managed to get the level of performance independent of the medium. That’s contrary to the conventional technology; a technology with an inconsistent performance per medium. 

With Uniflow technology we went from 2ppm (R717)  with conventional technology, to 0,01ppm with Uniflow. For R744 we went from 7ppm to 0,01ppm.

3 things that is being solved with this technology:

What becomes better?

We are faster, simpler, more innovative and have lower costs. We effectuate reduction of CO2 emission by 25.000kg per 1MW and foresee in the necessity of using new techniques.

What does it solve?

The headache of system engineers. It lowers CO2 emmissions. We have improved the performance of an highrisk component ánd have standardized the design of the hardware. Also, the efficiency of the component that is directly connected to Uniflow increases by using Uniflow technology. We effectuate reduction of CO2 emission and foresee in the necessity of using new techniques.

The uniflow product

Besides the technical innovation, Uniflow has standardized the design of the (separator) vessel. We use capacity ranges, standardized design. It is simplified and it significantly saves engineering costs, maintenance costs and energycosts. On our online calculation tool the separator can be calculated, selected and inquired within 5 minutes.

The biggest advantage of the capacity range is a broader tolerance of the performance of the separator vessel, it improves the steady performance.

“uniflow is a revolutionairy innovation in conventional droplet separation technology”