To simplify in a revolutionairy way.

A family business since 2003.
The solid base of the family business is and has been, the fundamental pillar of succes. Prevesco is able to shift gears quickly in a changing scenery of market conditions and to answer to relevant societal challanges. Since 2018 the company has been under the leadership of entrepreneur and CEO Anouk Dijkstra. She managed to shift the focus of the company and created an international business via an unconventional way.

Focus on the future.
We pick long term over short term and that brings the company in a position of steady growth. We prefer consistent movement over sprints because it gets us into solid growth and towards development. We once were a manufacturing company of pressure vessels. We now are a company focussed on innovations in Deeptech. We carry innovations from theoretical research all the way to the pilot phase. We dare to choose the unconventional thoughts because it launches us into an unique formula for sustainable succes, continuous innovation and efficiency.

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Leadership isn’t about forcing development.
It’s about finding strenght to create. 

Anouk Dijkstra, the youngest descendant of the Dijkstra family. Has been sole succesor of the familybusiness since 2013. At the end of 2017 she became majority shareholder of Prevesco when she bought (and paid for) the shares of the company. Her vision is explained by three elements: 1. innovation has to be intrinsic, it comes from within. 2. spending capital is focused on the effect of the investment, instead of stroking the ego that you have taken initiative. 3. training is key.

Aside her role being CEO of Prevesco, she gives her leadership as President to two Nationwide associations: ‘The Royal Dutch association of Refrigeration’ (knvvk) and to employers organisation: ‘Jong Management’. Which means that she has a quick feeling with the industry with the innovations that they are now investing in (knvvk) and has a good connection at the highest managing board level of the country (JM)

Uniflow. The revolutionary innovation in thermodynamics.

What are we talking about? Droplet separation technology.
A development that raised the performance for NH3 by 200times and for CO2 600times ánd we managed to get the level of performance independent of the medium. That’s contrary to the conventional technology; a technology with an inconsistent performance per medium. 

With Uniflow technology we went from 2ppm (R717)  with conventional technology, to 0,01ppm with Uniflow. For R744 we went from 7ppm to 0,01ppm.

3 things that is being solved with this technology:

What becomes better?

We are faster, simpler, more innovative and have lower costs. We effectuate reduction of CO2 emission by 25.000kg per 1MW and foresee in the necessity of using new techniques.

What does it solve?

The headache of system engineers. It lowers CO2 emmissions. We have improved the performance of an highrisk component ánd have standardized the design of the hardware. Also, the efficiency of the component that is directly connected to Uniflow increases by using Uniflow technology. We effectuate reduction of CO2 emission and foresee in the necessity of using new techniques.

The uniflow product

Besides the technical innovation, Uniflow has standardized the design of the (separator) vessel. We use capacity ranges, standardized design. It is simplified and it significantly saves engineering costs, maintenance costs and energycosts. On our online calculation tool the separator can be calculated, selected and inquired within 5 minutes.

The biggest advantage of the capacity range is a broader tolerance of the performance of the separator vessel, it improves the steady performance.

“uniflow is a revolutionairy innovation in conventional droplet separation technology”

What Prevesco is about:
to simplify in a revolutionary way.

We focus on innovation in Deeptech. That means, innovations that provide a significant solution to societal problems and challenges that we face. Often products that need capital and leadership in order to grow into the next phase of a business. A good idea often comes quickly but it takes time to turn it into a succesfull product or even business. It requires focus to take an idea from paper to a product with a solid track recod, with an healthy revenue model. Our concept? We guide our innovations through the pilot phase, which means the products are up and running in the field, the revenue model has been tested and the concept is ready to scale. We sell the innovation at that point to generate our own capital to invest in the next innovation in deeptech.

Customize your uniflow in our online calculation tool
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Back in 2003 J. Dijkstra bought Prevesco B.V. from Grasso (GEA currently). We were stationed in The South of The Netherlands, in ‘Den Bosch’. In 2007 Johan decided to have his own factory built and in 2008 he moved the company and manufactory. In that same year we initiated the development of Uniflow.

Having multiple manufacturing companies, specialized in shell&tube heatexchangers and pressure vessels and focussed on single pieces and custommade production mr. Dijkstra added the Prevesco company to his group. To start with series production. After the reorganization he decided to chase another dream:

“create my own product.”

From 2009 to 2011 we focused on the theoretical studies and in 2011 we built the prototype of Uniflow. Our team used the full year for testing, measuring the performance and tweaking the prototype.
The market introduction (NL) was in 2012, in 2013 we started the partnership with Alfa Laval Benelux. In 2014 the first Uniflow was sold. Due to marketdemand we were forced to fully focus on other parts of the group and slowed down on the commercial focus on Uniflow. In 2018 we brought that focus back to Uniflow.

We work along with companies such as Alfa Laval, Engie and Heineken, we have references in The Netherlands, The UK, Germany, Myanmar, Belgium, Mozambique, Haïti etc.


Anouk Dijkstra, owner and CEO of Prevesco. She is the 2nd generation in the family business, the youngest descendant of the Dijkstra family. She is the majority shareholder of the company since she bought (and paid for) the shares in 2018.

A. Dijkstra

Under her leadership the company transformed from being a conventional manufacturing business into an international operating company focused on innovations in deeptech. She guided the company’s innovation in thermodynamics uniflow towards a commercial succes while she restructered Prevesco.

Aside her role being CEO of Prevesco BV, she gives her leadership as President to two Nationwide associations:
‘The Royal Dutch association of Refrigeration’ (knvvk) A independent association focussed on science based research and development in refrigeration. As per november 2021 she is the first female and youngest president of the association since it was founded in 1908.

‘Jong Management’ the eldest employers organisation of The Netherlands, focussed on entrepreneurs and employers between 25-42 years old. The association is affiliated with VNO-NCW. As per oktober 2021 she was installed as president and will serve a term till okt 2024.

It places Anouk in a good position of being highly informed on the industry and the innovations that they are now investing in (knvvk) and has a solid connection to the highest managing board level of the country (JM)


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