Leadership isn’t about forcing development.
It’s about finding strenght to create. 

Anouk Dijkstra, the youngest descendant of the Dijkstra family. Has been sole succesor of the familybusiness since 2013. At the end of 2017 she became majority shareholder of Prevesco when she bought (and paid for) the shares of the company. Her vision is explained by three elements: 1. innovation has to be intrinsic, it comes from within. 2. spending capital is focused on the effect of the investment, instead of stroking the ego that you have taken initiative. 3. training is key.

Aside her role being CEO of Prevesco, she gives her leadership as President to two Nationwide associations: ‘The Royal Dutch association of Refrigeration’ (knvvk) and to employers organisation: ‘Jong Management’. Which means that she has a quick feeling with the industry with the innovations that they are now investing in (knvvk) and has a good connection at the highest managing board level of the country (JM)