Back in 2003 J. Dijkstra bought Prevesco B.V. from Grasso (GEA currently). We were stationed in The South of The Netherlands, in ‘Den Bosch’. In 2007 Johan decided to have his own factory built and in 2008 he moved the company and manufactory. In that same year we initiated the development of Uniflow.

Having multiple manufacturing companies, specialized in shell&tube heatexchangers and pressure vessels and focussed on single pieces and custommade production mr. Dijkstra added the Prevesco company to his group. To start with series production. After the reorganization he decided to chase another dream:

“create my own product.”

From 2009 to 2011 we focused on the theoretical studies and in 2011 we built the prototype of Uniflow. Our team used the full year for testing, measuring the performance and tweaking the prototype.
The market introduction (NL) was in 2012, in 2013 we started the partnership with Alfa Laval Benelux. In 2014 the first Uniflow was sold. Due to marketdemand we were forced to fully focus on other parts of the group and slowed down on the commercial focus on Uniflow. In 2018 we brought that focus back to Uniflow.

We work along with companies such as Alfa Laval, Engie and Heineken, we have references in The Netherlands, The UK, Germany, Myanmar, Belgium, Mozambique, Haïti etc.