Anouk Dijkstra, owner and CEO of Prevesco. She is the 2nd generation in the family business, the youngest descendant of the Dijkstra family. She is the majority shareholder of the company since she bought (and paid for) the shares in 2018.

A. Dijkstra

Under her leadership the company transformed from being a conventional manufacturing business into an international operating company focused on innovations in deeptech. She guided the company’s innovation in thermodynamics uniflow towards a commercial succes while she restructered Prevesco.

Aside her role being CEO of Prevesco BV, she gives her leadership as President to two Nationwide associations:
‘The Royal Dutch association of Refrigeration’ (knvvk) A independent association focussed on science based research and development in refrigeration. As per november 2021 she is the first female and youngest president of the association since it was founded in 1908.

‘Jong Management’ the eldest employers organisation of The Netherlands, focussed on entrepreneurs and employers between 25-42 years old. The association is affiliated with VNO-NCW. As per oktober 2021 she was installed as president and will serve a term till okt 2024.

It places Anouk in a good position of being highly informed on the industry and the innovations that they are now investing in (knvvk) and has a solid connection to the highest managing board level of the country (JM)